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Central Vacuum

 Simply insert the lightweight hose into a wall inlet. Powerful cleaning suction begins immediately. Remove the hose and the system shuts off. Best of all, there’s no cumbersome vacuum cleaner to lug from room to room or up and down stairs. There are countless benefits to having a central vacuum system.

 A major benefit to people who install a central vacuum system in their home is the improvement in the air quality and cleanliness.  Allergy suffers find a noticeable reduction in their symptoms and condition, because with a central vacuum system the dirt and allergens are removed from the living area.  Central Vacuum Systems are recommended by physicians and allergist to help minimize annoying symptoms.

Also central vacuums  have been proven to be more durable and less expensive to maintain than traditional vacuums. No more fighting to replace belts or pull dog hair out endlessly.  You will over the long term spend less on replacement and parts with a central vacuum system.They come with a long hose that makes them ideal for cleaning the car and all those other places that you have difficulty cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner.  They also come with a range of  attachments that will assist you with specialist tasks around the home. 


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